endodontic clinic

Alexander is a dental clinic specialized in endodontics, based in Antwerp. We perform root canal treatments or root canal therapy.

Both expressions refer to the same act of grace: a dental procedure to remove the nerve of an infected, damaged, or irritated tooth.
Does that sound nasty to you? Maybe a bit. But there’s no point in beating around the bush when it comes to your dental health. We are straightforward with you, in our FAQ and during the treatment, because gentle healers make stinking wounds. But rest assured: we serve great anesthetics.
Contact us if that sounds about right for you. We work by appointment only. You can call us Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

If it’s outside office hours and the pain is really killing you, contact our emergency hotline by calling our regular number and dialing 666.